Creative Clinical Supervsion 

Clinical supervision is an essential part of working therapeutically with clients be they adults or children.


The purpose of clinical supervision, as compared to line management supervision, is for the supervisor to help the supervisee become more effective in helping other persons ie the children in the case of play therapy.


The role of a Clinical Supervisor is to provide support and advice upon issues that arise during the therapist's clinical work. These may be matters of therapeutic techniques, therapeutic relationships, difficult problems, ethical decisions or issues that impact personally upon the therapist caused by the therapeutic process.

My aim is to support and educated through supervision. I'm passionate about play therapy and love it I know it can be a very demanding and challenging job so making sure we are looking after ourselves is vitally important. I also remember what it's like to be a new play therapy student and how overwhelming it can feel sometimes. 

I will use a mix of creative supervision techniques but i'm guided by what the supervise needs from the session. 

The first intro is free as I believe it's important that the supervisor and supervise have a connection to be able to work together. 

if you are interested please don't hesitate to get in contact