AutPlay® Therapy was created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant and is a play and behavioural therapy approach to working with children and families affected by autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, neurodevelopmental disorders, dysregulation issues, and other developmental disabilities. It integrates therapeutic approaches of play therapy and behavioural therapy together in a collaborative model to assist children and adolescents in gaining needed skills and abilities. AutPlay Therapy is a combination of behavioural and developmental methodology that is both therapist-led and parent-led.

AutPlay Therapy Addresses Six Target Areas  For Treatment Change

  1. Increasing Emotional Regulation Ability

  2. Increasing Social Skills Development

  3. Increasing Connection (Relationship Development)

  4. Improving Sensory Regulation Challenges

  5. Reducing Anxiety levels

  6. Addressing Behavioural Struggles

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