Filial Therapy 

Filial Therapy is a highly effective, empirically-supported intervention integrating family therapy and play therapy to address child and family problems.


Therapists help and support parents as they conduct special child-centered play sessions with their own children (ages 3-12+), an approach designed to resolve a wide range of presenting problems while strengthening family relationships.


Filial Therapy has been used successfully with many child and family problems: oppositional behaviours, anxiety, depression, abuse/neglect, single parenting, traumatic events, attachment/adoption/foster care, relationship problems, divorce, family substance abuse, family reunification, chronic illness, families of children with ASD, and many others.


A research history spanning more than 55 years has consistently shown Filial Therapy to be cost-effective in facilitating positive and long-lasting child and family change. The use of this relatively short-term, evidence-based approach has increased dramatically worldwide in recent years due to its effective, empowering approach to strengthening families.

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